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At De LaSalle Academy of Fort Myers…

We believe that no child should be without dreams of success. De LaSalle brings those dreams within reach. We meet students where they are and set goals that are challenging, but within reach, utilizing each student’s unique set of strengths to overcome obstacles. Academic programs employ cutting edge, research proven instructional strategies and curricula designed to target areas of difficulty. Special education experts deliver dynamic, interactive, multi-sensory lessons and therapies that significantly impact student learning and development. Class size is small, ranging between 12-14 students, with even smaller groups as needed for instruction in specific areas of reading, language arts and math. At De LaSalle, we seek to understand each child and customize our approach to facilitate learning. Join us on our journey.


Committed to Progress

De LaSalle teachers and therapists are passionate, experienced, and dynamic. Our faculty has specialized training and Florida certification in exceptional student education or their area of therapeutic expertise. They receive regular, ongoing training in order to continually develop their intervention and assessment skills. We know that every child can learn, and we believe we can unlock that potential with our methods. Learn more here.

We are a Team

A strong partnership with parents, emphasizing communication on students’ progress, is critical to the success of each child. This includes coordination with physicians who are managing medication, psychologists and counselors, and other outside service providers. Learn more about our robust Curriculum and the therapeutic interventions that make De LaSalle unique. Find out more about our Co-curricular programs and special classes.

An Approach that Works

  • Research based curriculum and programs
  • Small classes (max. 12 students per class)
  • Individualized instruction within the student’s learning style
  • On-going assessment that shapes instructional goals
  • Speech & language therapist on staff
  • Occupational therapist on staff
  • Licensed clinical social worker on staff
  • Positive environment for learning and improving self-esteem
Learn more about the teachers that make our school great, here. 

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