De LaSalle Academy Supporters

De LaSalle Academy



Valedictorian ($10,000 +)


Baycross Christian Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Headley

Dr. Wayne and Rachelle Isaacson

Mrs. Mary Katin

Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation



Honor Roll ($5,000 – $9,999)


Mr. and Mrs. James Gelardi

Dr. and Mrs. John Kagan

Mr. and Mrs. Jim McCaughan

Mr. Jim and Dr. Karen Nathan

Mr. and Mrs. John W. North

The Rosenstiel Foundation



Homecoming King/Queen ($2,500 – $4,999)


Dr. and Mrs. David Lindner

Rotary Club of Sanibel-Captiva



Class President ($500 – $2,499)


Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Amrine

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Danehy

Ms. Jan Egeland

Mrs. Van Palmer English

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Flaherty

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Fleishman

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Guterman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haney

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Lowe

The Quinton B. & Beverly H. McNew Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reilly, Sr.

Ms. Gayle Reynolds

Mr. Donald G. Ross

Sanibel Community Church

Drs. Robert and Deborah Coe Silver

Mr. Charles Weisinger



Senior Class ($250 – $499)


Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Antonucci

Conte Wealth Advisors

Dr. and Mrs. Ricardo Bocanegra

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hawkins

Drs. Sheba and Nolan Katz

Lott & Gaylor Insurance

Muni Designs

Mr. and Mrs. Mario Pica

Mr. and Mrs. Benson Roth

Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Shucavage


Cheerleader ($50 – $249)


Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Adams

Mr. and Mrs. David Beebe

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bartlik

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Browning

Cape Coral Business Alliance

Ms. Tracey Cherry

Mr. and Mrs. Scot Congress

E.J. Coon

Dr. and Mrs. Kip Cullimore

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Davidson

Ms. Paula Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Demeyer

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Denich

Edison National Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Feniello

Ms. Jan Fifer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Giannoutsos

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Graziano

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Grillo

Ms. Helenka Hart

Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Heath III

Ms. Christina Jurek

Ms. Stacy Kimball and Mr. Terry Mackin

Mr. George Knott

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Knowles

Mr. and Mrs. Jody Liebespach

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lott

Mr. and Mrs. William Lutz

Mr. Claude Manuel

Mr. Joseph W. McCarthy

Mr. and Mrs. Albert McGann

Mr. Michael Miller

Ms. Brenda Morrow

Mr. David Musselman

Mr. and Mrs. Roger O’Halloran

Ms. Magdalena Pacheco

Dr. and Mrs. Philip Paparone

Ms. Gail Peluso

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Price

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Riti

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ross

Ms. Janet Santiago

The Seidler Foundation, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Martin Sherman

Mr. Michael Shevlin

Mr. Kenneth Silver

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Singleton

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Smith

Ms. Joan Smith

Target – Take Charge of Education

Ms. Shirley Thomas

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Tihen

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tritaik

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Waite

Mr. Burr Walker

Mr. Weston Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Welch

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Williamson

Yoga Bird

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