September 28, 2016 Wednesday Letter

Dear Parents,

In today’s envelope you will find your child’s 1st Quarter Interim Report. We changed the format of our report this year and hope that it provides parents and students with a more detailed picture of progress made in the academic, behavioral and social domains. Progress report time is a perfect opportunity to review your child’s goals for the year and reflect on ways to achieve them. If you find you would like additional information or clarification, please email your child’s teacher(s) with your questions or feel free to request a conference.  Our goal is for parents and students to fully understand what the report is communicating. That being said, we realized that the “grading scale” was inadvertently left off the new report format. We will revise the report before the next round. In the meantime, here is the scale:

100-90  A          89-80  B             79-70  C             69-60  D            Below 60  F

We would also like to thank the officers of the Parent-Community Association for a wonderful meeting last night and express our appreciation to all the families that attended. The Association is striving to make the quarterly meetings meaningful and supportive for everyone. The next meeting is on November 29th.

Have a great week,

Mrs. Riti and Mrs. Barrow




Parents picking up students at the bus stops are asked to drive slowly in parking lot areas. Students may not see a car that is speeding through the lot which creates a major safety concern. This has been observed in the parking lot near St. Andrew Church in Cape Coral, in particular.



The planning committee will meet on October 6 at 6:30 in gym.



The De LaSalle Academy Parent Community Association CASINO NIGHT will be held on Saturday, October 22 at 6:30 PM. All funds raised at this event will go directly toward equipment for Science classes at De LaSalle. This event is a lot of fun for everyone, including both spectators and players. The event includes food, beverages, “gambling” tables, “gambling money,” a Chinese auction and music. Come out for a fun evening and bring your friends! The Association is also looking for sponsorships for this event. There’s a sponsorship level to fit every business or employer’s budget!



At last week’s High School Transition meeting, the Vocational Rehabilitation speaker was unable to show a video due to issues connecting to the internet. Here’s the promised link: .



The 2016-2017 LocalLinxs Coupon Book is now available.  This year’s book is twice as large as last year’s with thousands of dollars in coupons for dining and entertainment throughout Southwest Florida.  Books are $20, and De LaSalle receives $10 for every book sold.  Mr. Robinson made his $20 back in one weekend last year!  Just fill out and return the order form in the Wednesday Envelope.  Mr. Robinson will issue one NUT Day pass for the first book you order. They also make great gifts!



If you would like to help with some of our “Wish List” items, please go to . We are always updating our list!



Thanks for clipping and sending in your Box Tops labels so De LaSalle can earn cash for the students!



Please find the most up-to-date calendar for sports and club events on our school website. The Sports calendar can be found at  The Clubs calendar can be found at   GO TARPONS!



Oct. 3                    No School – Rosh Hashanah

Oct. 14                  End 1st Quarter

Oct. 17                  No School – Inservice/Duty Day

Oct. 22                  6:30 PM Casino Night Fundraiser

Oct. 26                  Report Cards

Oct. 27-28            12:15 Dismissal – Parent-Teacher Conferences


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