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At De LaSalle Academy, we recognize the critical role of families in the growth and development of each child’s potential. To this end, parents are encouraged to work closely with the school in open communication and with sincere commitment to the goals of the school. As your child’s first teachers, your insight is a valuable tool for guiding instruction and emotional growth in the classroom and we truly welcome your partnership.

This handbook is a general guide to school policies and procedures and is meant to provide useful information. School policies and guidelines are binding for all students and parents and may be amended or added as the need arises.  Please take the time to read and discuss this information with your child and keep it for reference throughout the year. After reviewing the handbook, parents and students must sign and return the Handbook Acknowledgement form on or before the first day of school.

Download the 2018-2019 Student Handbook here.

Reporting Abuse

Under Florida Statutes Section 1006.061(1), De LaSalle Academy must post in its handbook, on its website and at a central location that is visible to students, the procedures for reporting abuse by a staff member.  Students or parents may report abuse to the Board of Directors of De LaSalle Academy by calling Dr. Deborah Silver at (239) 936-1336.

Students are also advised as follows:

1.  The state-wide hotline to report abuse is 1 (800) 962-2873 or abuse may be reported online at

2.  In the event of an emergency involving harm or potential harm, dial 911.

3.  Go to the Department of Children and Families (DCF) website for more information on reporting abuse, neglect and exploitation.


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