Supply List


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Please DO NOT LABEL items with child’s name.


ITEMS TO BE PURCHASED FROM THE SCHOOL IN AUGUST                                          

Please DO NOT purchase these items in retail stores.

Student Planner

Jumbo Book Covers

Red Pocket Folder

Pocket Folders/Dividers

Students in Levels A-D will also receive a supply box

TOTAL AMOUNT DUE FOR SUPPLIES PURCHASED FROM THE SCHOOL: $20.00 due on or before the 1st day of school.



NOTE: ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE A BACKPACK – no wheels permitted, plus the following items:

6 dozen #2 yellow pencils, sharpened 

1  1 ½ -2” BASIC zippered binder with pencil holder (no “giant”  or double ring binders)

5 black & white wide-ruled marble composition books

1 wide-ruled graphing composition book

1 pkg. Crayola brand fine markers

2 pkgs. colored pencils

2 pkgs. 24 count crayons (elementary only)

1 hand held pencil sharpener

1 pkg. pencil cap erasers

1 pkg 12 or more Sharpie assorted color markers

2 pkgs. EXPO Dry Erase Colored Markers,  thick, 4 or more in pkg.

1 pkg. EXPO Dry Erase, fine (elementary only)

1 6-pack paper towel in August (a 2nd pack will be requested in January)

2 large boxes tissue

1 bottle of basic hand soap

2 pkgs. Lysol Sanitizing wipes

1 pkg. baby wipes refills

1 anti-bacterial air sanitizing spray (such as Lysol)

1 pkg. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

1 washcloth

1 box Band-Aids (plain – no prints)

4 pkgs. 3×5” index cards and 2 pkgs. 5×7″ index cards

1 pkg. loose leaf paper (WIDE RULE ONLY)

1 pair Fiskars scissors (appropriate size for the student – elementary only)

12 Elmers glue sticks and 1 bottle Elmers glue

4 box Dixie cups (5 oz.)

1 Ziploc sandwich bags

1 Ziploc gallon bags


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