Uniform & Dress Code

De LaSalle Academy students must follow the dress code detailed below. Uniforms shirts, outerwear, and P.E. shirts must have the school logo and be purchased at All Uniform in Ft. Myers (see link below). Bottoms must follow the dress code and must also be purchased at All Uniform.  A separate pricing sheet is available at the store.  Parents are strongly encouraged to purchase uniforms in JUNE OR JULY as supplies may be limited due to heavy demand in August.  Students are expected to be in full uniform on the first day of school.  Capris and skorts are not permitted.

Shorts and pants:  Must be khaki in color, uniform style and must be purchased at ALL UNIFORM.  Shorts and pants must be appropriately fitted (not loose or tight) and worn at the natural waistline without sagging. Uniforms must be worn without holes or ragged edges.  All shorts must be at least middle fingertip length when arms are at the side.

Beginning in 2017, pants and shorts must be purchased at ALL UNIFORM. Pants and shorts must be loosely cut, uniform style. “Skinny” pants are not permitted. For students with special considerations due to body type or sensory issues, a written request must be submitted to Mrs. Riti to request a waiver.

School shirts:  The uniform shirt is a short-sleeved or long-sleeved polo shirt with the DE LASALLE ACADEMY school logo, to be purchased at ALL UNIFORM. Shirts must be appropriately fitted.  Students are permitted to wear a short-sleeved white undershirt under the uniform shirt provided that the undershirt is tucked in and the sleeves do not show. No other shirt of any type may be worn under the school uniform shirt.  SENIORS MAY CHOOSE TO USE SENIOR PRIVILEGE WHEN SELECTING SHIRTS.  SENIORS, A SEPERATE LETTER WAS SENT HOME WITH DETAILS OF YOUR SENIOR PRIVILEGES.

 Belts:  Belts are optional. If a belt is worn it must be brown or black only, 1” width, without embellishments. The school reserves the right to require a belt when deemed necessary.

Sweatshirts/Jackets:  Sweatshirts and jackets that are worn in class must have the school logo and be purchased through the school uniform store.  NO OTHER OUTER WEAR MAY BE WORN WHILE INSIDE THE SCHOOL BUILDING.  Jackets worn to and from school and/or during recess that do not have the school logo will be kept in the student’s cubby or back pack between arrival and dismissal time.

Sweatpants:  May be worn to and from school, but removed while in the classroom.

Tights, full-length stockings, or leggings: Are permitted only on days when the temperature drops below 45 degrees.

Shoes:  Only GYM shoes or ATHLETIC shoes are permitted. Shoes may be any color. Shoes with flashing lights, platforms, wheelies, etc. are not permitted.

Socks:  Socks may be any color.  All students must wear socks.

Hair and Jewelry:  A simple, non-distracting hairstyle of a child’s natural hair color is required for all students.  Jewelry that is not a distraction or safety concern is permitted. Jewelry may not contain inappropriate symbols that conflict with the philosophy of the school. The school is not responsible for lost jewelry if removed for any reason.

 Boys:  Hair should be neat and presentable.  Long hair (beyond collar) is permitted, however the student’s eyes must be visible at all times. Razor cuts, tails, mohawks, faux hawks, and other related haircuts are not permitted. Facial hair that is neatly trimmed is permitted for boys in grades 9-12.  

 Girls:  Hair should be neat and presentable and the student’s eyes must be visible at all times.  Girls may wear nail polish, gel nails.  Acrylic nails of a safe length are permitted. Inappropriate symbols may not be painted on nails. Girls in Grades 9-12 may wear a modest amount of make-up, as determined by administration.

P.E. Shirts:  All students are required to have the uniform P.E. shirt.  P.E. shirts are worn to school on P.E. days for all students. All P.E. T-shirts are ash colored with silk-screened school logo and must be purchased through the school uniform store.


All Uniform Wear

12001 S. Cleveland Avenue, Ft. Myers, 33907

School Spirit Days

School Spirit Days will be announced in advance. This is an optional dress out day. Students who choose to participate must wear the school Spirit T-Shirt with shorts, pants, capris or skort of their choosing, in keeping with the out-of-uniform description under No Uniforms below:

N.U.T. (No Uniform Today)

Not all clothing that may be appropriate for home, beach, or playtime is appropriate at school.  In school, shoes must be safe for stairs and playground (no boots, high soles, flip-flops, slides, uncovered toes).  Clothing may not drag on the floor and must be at least fingertip length.  Clothing is not permitted when dirty, torn, or too oversized; when tight, skimpy or revealing (no spandex, muscle shirts, tank tops, or midriff showing when arms are raised).  Clothing may not be in poor taste with inappropriate logos or messages counter to the standards of the school.  If in doubt about clothing, it is wise for the student to bring a change of clothing to school. The decision of Administration about the appropriateness of uniform apparel, N.U.T. day clothing, shoes, and accessories will be final.

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