Reading & Language Arts Program

  • Small group instruction (maximum 12 students)
  • Wilson Language Program emphasizing a multi-sensory, repetitive, and systematic approach for acquiring sound-symbol correspondence, understanding syllable types, and blending skills
  • Decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling) taught simultaneously
  • Sight word instruction and drill
  • Use of literature, newspapers, trade books, and controlled text for direct instruction of comprehension skills
  • Writing and grammar development through use of texts, computer-delivered instruction and structured supportive supplemental materials
  • Reading and writing goals integrated throughout the curriculum

Mathematics Program

  • Small group instruction (maximum 12 students)
  • Multi-sensory, systematic, and repetitive program
  • Extensive use of manipulatives and visual models
  • Emphasis on linking math skills with real-world applications
  • Language skills supported during Math instruction

Science & Social Studies Program

  • Hands-on, experiential approach
  • Creative instruction, including role-playing, simulation, and projects
  • User-friendly texts and instruction in how to use a textbook effectively
  • Language support in content area subjects
  • Opportunities for cooperative group learning
  • Field trips to support in-class learning

Study Skills and Learning Strategies

  • Learning styles‚ĶLearning how to learn
  • Memory strategies
  • Maximizing attention in the classroom
  • Test-taking skills
  • Organization and planning skills

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