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What is it?
The Navigation Program for Transition Support (NPTS) is a guide to providing our students with a solid path to high school graduation, as well as assisting students and their families with the practical skills and knowledge that will facilitate a successful transition to adult life. NPTS will focus on helping our families and their children identify short-term and long-term goals, hopes, and dreams, along with action plans to realize those dreams. The program will be an individualized high school experience that will ensure our students will acquire the confidence, self-advocacy skills, knowledge, and connections they will need to achieve their post-secondary goals.

Who is involved in the transition process?

The Navigation Program for Transition Support is a team of individuals that includes, but not limited to: students, families, De LaSalle Academy counselor, teachers, administration, NPTS coordinator, Dr. Deborah Silver of Silver Psychology, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, and others who would play a vital role in the success of the student.

How will the program function?

NPTS will begin to identify students in the 9th grade for the Navigation Program for Transition Support and participation will continue through the student’s final year at De LaSalle Academy. NPTS will configure a plan for each student where the needs and interests of the student will be identified through interest inventory assessments and questionnaires. Dr. Silver will help configure our students’ interests and strengths to assist in development of post-secondary goals.


The course that students will navigate varies depending upon the type of diploma the student is working toward, and the plan of action after graduation, including:


College Bound           Fort Myers Institute of Technology           Career Bound

What areas will NPTS address?


  • Employment: Searching for jobs, filling out applications, job interviews, dressing for success, recalling personal information, etc.


  • Transportation: Obtaining state identification card and/or driver’s license, becoming familiar with public transportation, basic car maintenance, etc.


  • Daily Living Skills: Health and fitness, grooming and hygiene, schedule appointments, budgeting, personal record keeping, preparing food, proper telephone use, etc.


  • Community Participation: Navigating the community—banking services, post office, grocery store, getting involved in activities and events,


  • Self-Determination Skills: Setting goals, evaluating options, making choices, take an active role in decisions that will determine the future, etc.


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