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In September 2015, De LaSalle Academy became a fully accredited member of the Association of Independent Schools of Florida (AISF).  The accreditation team was impressed with the enthusiasm and passion of De LaSalle Academy staff with regard to the mission of educating exceptional students.  They were particularly impressed with that student-teacher relationship that they found was characterized by patience, caring and encouragement.

The ASIF Final Committee Evaluation Report states:

There are many deserved commendations including the following:

  • Dedicated Administrators, under the leadership of Lori Riti, who model the mission and philosophy to the team of extraordinary professional staff to ensure that the vision of the school is carried throughout the program with ‘Love and Logic.’
  • Passionate and caring teachers reach out to the children to ensure that their self-esteem develops in positive ways and nurture relationships.
  • A strong curriculum which may be taught through group or an individualized approach, whichever best meets the needs of the students.
  • Teaching through children’s strengths, the multi-dimensional and inclusionary approaches to learning are cornerstones when planning lessons.
  • Purposeful small class sizes that allow for both individualized and group instruction.
  • The school library has been organized and run by volunteer parents.
  • There is extensive use of technology and training for use by students and staff.
  • The calm and soothing atmosphere of the school support its philosophy and mission.
  • Providing a wonderful environment for students who need special understanding and instruction, but who often do not have the opportunity to experience the level of acceptance that De LaSalle provides.





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