Admissions Process & Forms

The Admissions Process

Please submit all of the above documentation to:

Lori Riti, Principal
De LaSalle Academy
6401 Techster Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL 33966

De LaSalle Students

When all of the documents are received, they will be reviewed by the admissions team and you will be contacted to discuss your child’s profile and schedule a follow-up consultation. Following the consultation, the admissions team determines if the De LaSalle Academy program is a good match for your child’s needs. Our goal is to ensure that we carefully match incoming students with our programs so we can provide the best possible outcomes for your child. We look forward to getting to know you and your child and hope you find that De LaSalle Academy will be the best choice for your child’s future.
Students may range in age from 7 – 18 at the time of initial enrollment and are placed in homerooms with age-range peers. New students are evaluated to determine appropriate instructional groupings for Reading and Math.
Each new student is given a probation period in which to demonstrate that enrollment at De LaSalle is appropriate and in the child’s best interest. If during this trial period, difficulties arise that are consistently resistant to interventions attempted, the student may be asked to withdraw from De LaSalle Academy. At any time thereafter during enrollment at De LaSalle Academy, should a consistent and pervasive problem interfere with a child’s education or the education of other students, possible probation and/or expulsion may be required. This policy is to protect the right of all students to learn. Click here for our Tuition & Fees.

Required Forms

All students accepted for enrollment must have on file a current health examination form and immunization record, indicating completion of all required immunizations and exams. A notarized medical authorization form must also be on file and the school. A copy of the birth certificate is also required.

McKay Scholarship students must have all required Florida Dept. of Education documentation on file prior to the first day of attendance, as follows:

  • Florida DOE – Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice – Affidavit – NOTARIZED
  • Florida DOE – Student Data Collection Form

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