Tuition & Fees

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Grades 1 – 8

  • Tuition:                                                  $ 16,380
  • Registration fee:                                           250   (due upon registration)
  • TOTAL COST:                                      $ 16,630

Grades 9 – 12

  • Tuition:                                                  $ 16,630
  • Registration fee:                                           250   (due upon registration)
  • TOTAL COST:                                      $ 16,880
De LaSalle Students

Financial Aid

McKay Scholarships

McKay Scholarships are available to any student, Gr. 1-12, with a current or prior Florida Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Vouchers are provided by the State of Florida to parents who decide that a private school is better able to provide an appropriate education for their child. The scholarship amount determined by the state depends on the level of services required to meet the IEP goals. Parents should inquire about McKay Scholarships through their child’s current public school or at

The Gardiner Scholarship (formerly PLSA)

The Gardiner Scholarship provides scholarships to eligible students for approved services and products including attendance at De LaSalle Academy.  It is administered by A.A.A. Scholarship Foundation ( and Step Up for Students (   The average scholarship is $10,000.  To be eligible a student must:

  • Reside in Florida
  • K through 12
  • Have a defined disability*
  • Has an IEP or has received a diagnosis dfined below from a licensed physician or psychologist

Parents should apply for the Gardiner Scholarship through A.A.A. Scholarship Foundation or Step Up for Students.

(*Includes autism, intellectual disabilities, Prader-Willi syndrome)

De LaSalle Academy Scholarships

De LaSalle Scholarships are based on financial need. No child should be denied access to a quality education, so we encourage any family in need of assistance to apply. De LaSalle Academy makes use of FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to help us evaluate requests for financial aid. The NEW LINK for FACTS can be found here.

FACTS (Tuition Assistance Application)

If you would like more information about the company, feel free to visit their Web site at  FACTS works with nearly 5,000 educational institutions and over a million families each year, helping them achieve their goals. They have been in business since 1986 and specialize in working with schools like ours.  FACTS representatives can also be reached at 866.412.4637. 

Tuition & Payments

Parents may choose to make 10 monthly tuition payments beginning in August. Choosing this option requires that the parent set up an account with FACTS Tuition Management for automatic bank account withdrawals. This is a separate process from the one described above, so a separate registration is required online.


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