Mrs. Walcher

Week of May 22,  2017 Wednesday/Thursday/Friday Half Days

It’s Here!  The End of The Year is HERE!!!!

Our Co-Curricular schedule is Day 1 & 2 PE, Day 3-Drama, Day 4-Music, Day 5-Art, Day 6 -Tech.  HW means homework.

<a href=”“>Track It Forward</a>

The above is the link for the volunteer hour tracking site.  Each High School student needs 10 hours per year.  Use an email address and password that only you know!

M-3 T-4  W- Th- F-


Reading *WW 18-20 Quiz Tuesday

Monday-WW review sheet

Tuesday-Seriously?  You want Homework? 

Wednesday-but you are still reading…

Thursday-I will miss you!  Have an amazing summer!


Monday-Nope, not gonna give you any!

Tuesday:do Monday’s!

Wednesday-Hello?  I said ‘NO”

Thursday: I will miss you!  Have an amazing summer!


Monday-Ha ha, made you look!

Tuesday-I will miss you!  Have an amazing summer!None 



Ancient World History 

Monday-As if I would give YOU homework when I didn’t give anyone else!

Tuesday-I will miss you!  Have an amazing summer!



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