November 15, 2017 Wednesday Letter

Dear Parents,

We are all so excited about Family FunFest this Saturday! This is a wonderful opportunity to get together as a school community for an enjoyable day of fun and meeting the other De LaSalle families and staff members. Remember to bring lawn chairs and please also remember that all students must have an adult guardian or family member on campus as school staff will not be able to provide supervision.

With gratitude,

Lori Riti




Family FunFest is this Saturday, November 18, from 11:00-3:00. Reminders:

  • Please bring lawn chairs for your family.
  • Bake sale items are needed for the senior fundraiser. Please send items to school by November 16th.
  • All students and visiting children must be accompanied at the event by an adult. De LaSalle will not be providing supervision.



Students in Level G – L will be shifting from PE to Health class beginning November 27. Health will be in place of PE on the regular co-curricular rotation for these students. Students will continue to be required to wear the PE uniform on PE/Health days. There will be a human growth and sexuality component included in the Health curriculum. Parents will have the opportunity to have their child opt out of the days when that section is taught. A separate letter and form will be sent home in advance regarding topics of discussion and parental authorization.



The Book Fair will run from Nov. 15-20 this year. De LaSalle students directly benefit from the Fair proceeds with the purchase of books and materials, so please help your child with reading and promote the school at the same time.



The Parent Community Association is sponsoring a pie fundraiser through Perkins. Please submit completed order forms with payment by November 17th. (Order form enclosed.)  No orders will be accepted after that date. Payment option are cash, check, or credit card. Please make checks payable to De LaSalle Academy. A form is provided for credit card purchases. Orders can be picked up on the date selected (Nov. 20-23) directly from the Perkins location you select.



Order forms and $$$ are due anytime between now and December 15. To request more books, please call James Robinson, 239-245-8212.



PDQ gift cards are on sale in the school office. Cards are valued at $10.00 and sell for $7.00.



Nov. 15-21          Book Fair

Nov. 18                11:00-3:00  Family Fun Fest

Nov. 22-24          Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 29                Picture Make-up Day and All-School Panoramic Photo (Must wear blue or green polo shirt)



Dec. 14                Christmas Program: It’s A Wonderful Life—A Radio Play, 6:30 PM

May 15                 Last day of class for seniors

May 18                Graduation & Honors Celebration, Riverside Church, 6:30 PM



As you are aware, all students with a current or former IEP, or who formerly had an IEP in public school, are entitled to a 3-year re-evaluation under the federal legislation, IDEA, whether enrolled in public, private, or home school.

We were made aware by several Collier County families that there is confusion or challenge with the district providing a 3-year re-evaluation for students who were previously served under an IEP in a Florida public school. We were able to get clarification from the Collier County Public School District on the process for requesting your child’s 3-year re-evaluation:

  • Parents of students who are residents of Collier County must contact the CCPS District office and indicate they would like their child to have the 3-year re-evaluation.
  • Parents will be directed to register with the district at the administration center for TESTING AND RE-EVALUATION.
  • This “registration” does not mean that the child is enrolled in CCPS. It is solely for the purpose of providing a place in the district database to house the record of the re-evaluation.
  • No part of this process, either registering for testing, or the results of the testing, will impact the child’s McKay Scholarship or Gardiner Scholarship.

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