September 27, 2017 Wednesday Letter

Dear Parents & Guardians,

If gratitude was a color, it would be splashed all over everyone at De LaSalle! As we return to school this week following our collective experience with Hurricane Irma, it is so apparent that students and staff are just glad to get back into normal routines. It has been a challenging few weeks for everyone and we are truly grateful for the nurturing support that we can provide to each other in difficult times. Along these lines, a De LaSalle Families’ Support Group was established by parent Heather Dutescu following Hurricane Irma.  We wish to extend our sincere thanks to Heather for initiating this closed group on Facebook and to Bonnie Ross and GerriAnne Duke for their assistance with coordinating as well.  If you wish to assist school families who are still struggling with the recovery effort, please stop by the front office or feel free to send your donation of cash, check, supermarket or Walmart gift card. Please place your donation in an envelope addressed to GerriAnne Duke and place in your child’s red folder or Wednesday Envelope. Many thanks to all of the families who have already responded.

It is my pleasure to announce that Ms. Madeline Rochelle and Ms. Monika Urbanska will be filling the role of school counselor at De LaSalle Academy. Ms. Rochelle comes to us with a wealth of experience as a school counselor and special education teacher in New Jersey and a year of substitute teaching at De LaSalle. Ms. Urbanska taught art and academics at De LaSalle from 2012-2015. She left our school in 2015 to finish courses for her credential as an art therapist and mental health counselor.  Both of these women are such an asset to De LaSalle as they are fully aware of and embrace our school mission and philosophy and already know so many of our students and staff. I am also very pleased to announce that Mrs. GerriAnne Duke will now be on staff full-time, continuing her current duties and adding a new role as administrative assistant for public relations, marketing, bookkeeping and front office support.  We are so grateful for the many talented and dedicated individuals who have found their way to our growing school!




Due to Hurricane Irma, the PCA meeting is rescheduled. Our meeting will take place on October 3 at 6:00 PM.  We listened to parent input last year and reduced the number of meetings this year to only two. We value your time and promise the meetings will be chock full of information that will strengthen our parent-school partnership. It is our hope that having only two mandatory meetings per year will be a better fit for everyone.



Checks are available for parent signature until October 13. Checks that are not signed must be returned to the State of FL and parents are billed for that amount of tuition.



This year at De LaSalle’s Family Fun Festival on November 18, we will have our annual Cow Pie Bingo fundraiser! This is an awesome, fun, and easy way to raise money for the school. Enclosed in today’s Wednesday envelope you will find 20 tickets for you to sell, along with more information about the fundraiser. Families can earn two volunteer hours for every 20 tickets sold. As a non-profit school, we rely heavily on fundraisers and we hope this one will be an amazing success! Stubs, money and unsold ☹ tickets are due by November 13.



Spirit Shirts are on sale for a limited time only. Orders are due by September 29.  Spirit Shirts can be worn on Spirit Days.



Due to Hurricane Irma, school picture day is rescheduled. Portraits will be taken in the morning on October 24. All students will be photographed. Order forms will be sent home next week.



PDQ gift cards are on sale in the school office. Cards are valued at $10.00 and sell for $7.00. Please see the enclosed order form for more information.



Unfortunately, we did not have enough elementary and middle school students sign up for volleyball to make a full team, so this sport will not be offered this year.



As a private school, De LaSalle is free to adjust the school calendar within the confines of our accreditation. Therefore, we do not exactly follow the public school calendar or adjustments made for hurricane days. De LaSalle’s calendar will change as follows:


December 19 and 20 will change from half days to full days. (No change to the early dismissal on December 21)


Oct. 13                  End Quarter 1

Oct. 16                  No School – Teacher In-service Day

Oct. 18                  Student Support Plans sent home for new students

Oct. 24                  School Picture Day

Oct. 25                  Report cards sent home

Oct. 26-27            Conference and early dismissal


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