Supportive Therapies

De LaSalle Academy offers the following on-site supportive therapies:


Evaluation determines the basis for difficulties in school, at home, or during recreational or occupational situations. Different levels of evaluation are available depending upon the purpose and the amount of time and resources required. The appropriate level is selected by the clinician as part of the pre-evaluation process.

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Consultation is offered to parents and professionals to review diagnostic findings, to establish an appropriate intervention plan for the difficulties identified during evaluation, to test or discuss strategies, and to review gains or obstacles.


Treatment is integrated and eclectic. A variety of techniques, approaches, and materials are used. Depending on the particular needs of the student, team therapy sessions are also available. These sessions are lead by any combination of occupational therapist, counselor or speech-language pathologist. Each clinical area, after careful consultation with other related service providers and classroom teachers, provides an intervention or treatment unique to its discipline.

Speech & Language Therapy

  • Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist on staff.
  • Individual and group therapies.
  • Goals and interventions integrated within the classroom setting
  • Collaboration with classroom and co-curricular teachers
  • Creative programming for transferring skills to real-world applications
  • Ongoing evaluation and revision of goal

Occupational Therapy

  • Licensed Occupational Therapist on staff
  • Individual and group therapies 
  • Handwriting without Tears, and Keyboarding programs
  • Sensory integration therapy
  • Consultations for classroom sensory/environment modifications
  • Adaptations and modifications to support differentiated instruction
  • Fine Motor, Sensory Motor, Visual Motor and Perceptual activities to support academic success
  • Activities to support “Mindfulness” and self-regulation
  • Collaboration with all school staff
  • On-going evaluation and revision of goals

 Social Thinking Therapy

  • Therapists specially trained in Michelle Garcia-Winner’s Social Thinking © program
  • Support for students with social difficulties
  • Teaching students to “think” socially, not just role-playing social scenarios
  • Provides effective, intensive intervention to support positive social interaction


  • Licensed clinical therapist
  • Individual and small groups
  • Conflict resolution/Peer relations
  • Coping skills
  • Clinical interventions
  • Chat-n-Chew student lunches

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