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Homeroom News for the week of 5-8-17 : P.E. is on Monday and Tuesday this week. 


Please refer to my webpage for homeroom news and if your child is in my reading or math class, for daily homework.  I will try to update this page weekly.  The best way to find daily homework or notes from me is on the daily planner page in your child’s binder.  At the beginning of each class, the student’s write their homework and I sign that it is written clearly and correctly.  Also, be sure to check your email daily as I will often communicate with you via email.  Please let me know if email is not the best way to contact you. 

HOMEWORK and Class News

Reading Class:     Please continue to have your study sight words using his or her sight word flashcards.  In an effort to get your child in the habit of reading each day, there is a mandatory reading log due on Friday.  It also requires 2 written questions to be answered as part of the homework.  Please be sure to sign the log each night.

Math Class:  Please continue to work with your child with telling time, using the calendar and counting mixed coins.  Monday is our written test and Tuesday is our multiplication quiz.  Monday is review multiplication and the rest of the week will be 1 worksheet daily for homework.   

Science:  We will have our science test on sedimentary rocks on Tuesday May 9th.  We will end the year with project based learning about metamorphic rocks and the rock cycle!

Have a great week! 🙂 

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