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No Homework 

Science: No Homework

Chapter 5:  Systems of the Human Body

voluntary muscles: muscles that you can choose to control

involuntary muscles: muscles that you cannot control

neuron: basic working unit of the nervous system or the nerve cell

pathogens: organisms that cause disease

infectious disease: a disease that can pass from one organism to another

immune system: the organs in your body that defend against disease

vaccine: an injection of dead or weakened pathogens that causes you to be immune to a disease


Social Studies: No Homework 

Chapter 12: Governing Florida – Vocabulary

federal government: our national government that deals with problems and issues that affect the entire country

local government: city, town, and county governments

legislative branch: the branch of government that makes the laws

executive branch: the branch of government that carries out the laws

judicial branch: the branch of government that makes sure justice is done

system of checks and balances: the system set up in the U.S. Constitution to allow each branch of government ways to limit the power of the other two branches

polling place: the location where citizens go to cast their votes in an election

legislator: a member of the branch of government that makes laws

bill: a proposal for a new law

right: a power or a privilege that a person is justly entitled to



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