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$200,000 Goal

Our students need a Beacon of Hope, can we count on you?

De LaSalle Academy has served students of SWFL for a decade, ensuring that children with learning differences are provided with the highest quality of education available.  Hurricane Ian devastated our school community.  We have begun taking steps toward recovery, but each step is riddled with new challenges.  

Our students’ lives have been upturned.  Many have faced significant damages to their homes, some with total losses, and they have been displaced to different residences.  Returning students to school safely has been our top priority.  All students require a feeling of stability and security, this is especially critical for our students.

A crew of volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure our campus was safe to reopen for students, and on Tuesday, October 11th we were able to reopen our doors.  We spent the entire first day on connections, welcoming our students back to their home away from home. 

Our doors are open, students are engaged, and teachers are dedicated, however, our needs are many.  In addition to the damages incurred by the hurricane, we were in the middle of making extensive improvements to secure the safety and welfare of our students and staff before the hurricane made landfall.

We need your help.


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