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De LaSalle Transition Services

Transitioning from high school and into the adult world can be one of the most critical and intimidating changes young adults face. The purpose of transition planning is for young adults and their families to be provided with realistic options and the necessary support/resources needed to develop an effective transition plan for life after high school. During the transition process, the student, and their team of supporters, will carefully consider all viable and realistic options for the future. Together we will plan how the child and family envisions the student’s future after high school. There are many individuals involved in helping young adults with disabilities successfully transition from school to life, including the child, his or her family, the school, and people and agencies within the community. 

De LaSalle Transition Services

De LaSalle Academy encompasses many transition services throughout your child’s high school career to assist in the transitioning of a student from high school to life after school.

Transition services are a coordinated set of services that help students prepare for post-school life. Throughout high school, your child will be involved in specific transition related services and activities to help identify his or her goals, interests, preferences, and needs for the future.

Input is gathered via the student, his/her parents/guardians, his/her teachers, counselors, and therapists, by using formal and informal assessments and questionnaires, checklists, conversations, and observations. The information gathered is used to develop a Transition Plan that details the student’s realistic goals for the future and maps out steps to transition smoothly and successfully into life after high school.

De LaSalle Transition Services Will Help Students and their Families in the Following Areas:


Post-secondary Education/ Training

Independent Living

Leisure/ Recreation/ Community Participation

We look forward to partnering with our families to assist in building a sound bridge between high school and post-secondary life.

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