Devoted to Academic Success

De LaSalle offers a rigorous academic program for students who learn differently.

Students are assessed to identify their specific strengths and weaknesses. Class placement, resources, and goals are determined based on the student’s profile. Modifications to the educational program may include changes in curriculum, supplemental materials or equipment, and the provision of specialized physical adaptations that fully allow students to participate in the educational environment. Our students are presented with materials in a manner that closely matches their individual learning styles. Supplemental materials are carefully researched and incorporated to enhance student learning.

School faculty works collaboratively to develop a Student Support Plan for each student annually. This plan outlines the profile of the learner and highlights the supports that are employed to help that student achieve academic success.

De LaSalle Academic Program Includes:

Our Program

English Language Arts Program

    • Small group instruction (maximum 12 students)

    • Wilson Language Program emphasizing a multi-sensory, repetitive, and systematic approach for acquiring sound-symbol correspondence, understanding syllable types, and blending skills

    • Decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling) taught simultaneously

    • Use of literature, newspaper, controlled text, and high interest text for direct instruction of comprehension skills

    • Writing and grammar development using texts, computer-delivered instruction, and structured supportive supplemental materials

    • Reading and writing goals integrated throughout the curriculum

    Academic Program | Mathematics Program | De LaSalle Academy Fort Myers

    Mathematics Program

    • Small group instruction (maximum 12 students)

    • Multi-sensory, systematic program with extensive use of manipulatives and visual models

    • Emphasis on linking math skills with real-world applications

    • Language skills supported during math instruction

    Academic Program | Science & Social Studies Programs | De LaSalle Academy Fort Myers

    Science & Social Studies Programs

    • Hands on, experiential approach

    • Creative instruction, including role-play, simulation, and projects with user-friendly texts and instruction in how to use a textbook effectively

    • Language support in content area subjects

    • Opportunities for cooperative group learning with field trips to support in-class learning

    Academic Program | Functional Academics Program | De LaSalle Academy Fort Myers

    Functional Academics Program

    • Available for students with modified academic goals

    Academic Program | Social Thinking | De LaSalle Academy Fort Myers

    Social Thinking

    • Michelle Garcia-Winner’s © program of excellence

    • Provides intensive, effective intervention to facilitate positive social interaction

    • Students learn to speak and act socially by “thinking socially”

    Academic Program | Co-Curricular Programs | De LaSalle Academy Fort Myers

    Co-Curricular Programs

    To support, enhance, and further develop our students’ gifts and talents all students receive instruction in:

    • Art

    • Life Management

    • Music, Theater, and Media

    • Physical Education

    • Technology

    Co-curricular classes run on a six-day rotation schedule, with students receiving Physical Education twice each cycle

    Academic Program | Study Skills & Learning Strategies | De LaSalle Academy Fort Myers

    Study Skills & Learning Strategies

    • Embedded in all classes

    • Learning styles: Learning how to learn

    • Memory and attention strategies

    • Organization, planning, and test taking skills

    Academic Program | Technology | De LaSalle Academy Fort Myers


    • 1:1 Student to computer ratio and Interactive Whiteboards in all classrooms

    • Network system and software for educational and computer skills

    • Technology for lifelong learning

    Academic Program | Monitored Student Progress | De LaSalle Academy Fort Myers

    Monitored Student Progress

    • Online Parent Portal available 24/7

    • Quarterly progress reports

    • Standardized tests are administered annually in a supportive environment

    • Individual Student Support Plans developed annually

    We offer many extra-curricular activities outside of the regular school day!

    Campus Facilities

    • Playground • Athletic Field and Gymnasium • Spacious Classrooms Outfitted with Advanced Learning Technology • Technology Lab • Art Room • Library

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